Top-notch land clearing equipment in Fairbanks

We pair the best professionals around with top-of-the-line equipment and training to ensure safety and excellence in all we do. From individual danger trees to large scale projects they are always ready to tackle any job. 

Franklin Carriers Fitted with Fecon Bull Hog Mulchers

  • Franklin 4550 S2 
  • Franklin 5000 
  • Super Trax 200
All machines are fitted with the Fecon BH120 masticators.
Fecon Bull Hog masticator heads provide an efficent and cost effective way to reduce trees and brush to a beneficial mulch without the cost and hassle of conventional methods. 

Takeuchi TL150 with Fecon Bull Hog

  • Bull Hog Mulching Head BH74
  • 97HP Yanmar 
  • 14,500lb gross-weight 
The smallest machine in our lineup, this nimble workhorse is great for working in tight spots around existing structures. It also excels when working in rough terrain that would be too tricky for a larger machine. It is perfect for undergrowth or regrowth removal for fire buffers around homes. With its Fecon mulching head, this machine can meet or exceed any chip-size standards including but not limited to those of the Alaska D.O.T. Customized by Supertrak, Inc.

Franklin C4550 S2 w/ Fecon Bull Hog (2x)

The Backbone of our fleet, the C4550 is Franklins midrange carrier. Its size and power make the C4550 well suited for R.O.W. clearing and subdivision work. Like the TL150, our C4550's can meet any grinding requirements including Alaska D.O.T. Designed and built in the USA.
  • 200HP Cummins 
  • BH120 Bull Hog Mulching Head 
  • 28,000lb gross-weight 

Franklin C5000 w/ Fecon Bull Hog 

The most recent addition to our fleet, the Franklin C5000 is slightly larger than our C4550s making it ideal for area clearing such as building sites. Designed and built in the USA. 
  • 215HP Cummins 
  • BH120 Bull Hog Mulching Head 
  • 32,000lb gross-weight 


TJ's uses professional Husqvarna and Jonsered chainsaws. These saws offer superior power, lower vibration, and lower weight than competing brands. All of our saws are serviced by Rod's Saw Shop in Fairbanks. 
  • Husqvarna 372XP 
  • Husqvarna 575XP J
  • Jonsered 2171 
  • Jonsered 2172

Vermeer 1000 &
Bandit Industries Model 200 Chippers 

The "Brush Bandit" and Vermeer are both capable chippers with a 12" chipping capacity. This maneuverable unit, produces high quality chips that can either be left on site or hauled away in our chip truck depending on the preferences of the customer. Designed and built in the USA. 
  • 100HP Engines
  • 12" chipping capacity 


We know that safety is of the utmost importance and our impeccable safety record proves our dedication it. We make sure that our highly trained personnel are outfitted with the latest safety equipment of most advanced technology in order to ensure that a high rate of production is attained in as safe a manner as possible.
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